Welcome Aboard Me Hearties!!!

Towards the end of April 2020, my life was to change completely but little did I know that it wouldn’t be until sometime in July 2020 I would find out the reason why?

I woke for work at 6am on a Spring Saturday morning, I stood and stumbled slightly to the toilet, probably due to the few red wines I’d had the night before (or so I thought) I went back into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror to put on a little make up. As I stood there I was trying to focus my eyes on my face and just couldn’t get a clear picture. How many wines did I have last night?? Wow I must be really tired! I started to put my make up on but my vision was just not clear and I was struggling to see properly at all unless I shut my Right eye. I sat back on the bed a bit baffled as to what was going on and woke Ryan (my partner) to say “I cant see properly?!” his sleepy response was “You must be really tired, take it easy”. Back into dream land he went. Hmmm.

My job involves me at times being in a senior role and that day was one of those, Great! I had no choice but to go in, with the Coronavirus very much part of my job, I had to go and make sure everything and everyone was OK. I drove the 15 mins to work with one eye closed and made it safely. I made sure everyone at work was OK and informed my boss that I didn’t feel right and honestly didn’t have a clue what was going off, but that I needed to go home and maybe after a days rest I would be OK…..? That was not to be the case.

Once home I slept hoping when I woke up it would have resolved itself but it hadn’t. It did eventually wear off that afternoon and my eyesight returned to normal. But again when I woke on the Sunday it was exactly the same, again resolving in the afternoon. This began to be the normal each morning.

Whilst this was happening we were in a full lockdown due to Coronavirus, I rang the Eye clinic at a local hospital and asked if they could see me, what I’d noticed is that it seemed to be double vision I was having, where images were on top of one another not side by side and that it did return to normal if I closed one eye? They were unable to see me due to pressures at the hospital so I left it a few more days hoping that it would resolve by itself.

I eventually managed to get an eye examination at an Opticians but this was done at a social distance and they told me they thought that I may have Strabismus now to anyone that is not an optician, meant I had cross-eyes!! What?!, How?!, Why have I never noticed this?! They said I would need to wear a Prism on my glasses which would help restore normal vision, but they couldn’t give me one due to the pandemic. So home I went thinking I will bloody kill Ryan for never telling me and my friends while I’m at it, surely I haven’t had cross-eyes all my life and nobody never told me!!!

A few more days passed and the double vision was starting to make me feel like a drunken sailor ready to walk the plank, I remember texting one of my friends who also works at the same place as me and they somehow managed to get me an eye clinic appointment (life saver literally). I had to wait a couple of days for that and in the meantime Ryan bought me an eye patch online to help with the double vision (cue the puns). A few I remember were:

  • Eye Eye here she comes look!!
  • They say perfect vision is 20/20 like this year, I bet you never saw this coming!
  • Did you buy an eye patch because you couldn’t afford an iPad?! and so on…Hilarious and probably the highlight of Ryan’s year at that point.

I miss placed it one day and when I asked if he’d seen it he said, “I will keep an eye out for it”!!That topped them all but you have to laugh don’t you or you would cry….A lot.

So eventually, looking like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean, I got an eye clinic appointment and on the photos/scans they’d taken of my eyes they said there seemed to be high pressure on the optic nerves and I would need a lumbar puncture… Hang on a minute I only came for an eye test! That was one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve ever had, but it had to be done, I remember the Dr saying to me if you feel a sharp pain down either one of your legs you must tell me, the next 90 mins went a little like, “Ow yes there”, “Ouch left leg”, “Ooooh Right leg”, “My toes”, “Is that in my spine or my bum”? “Just go for it now, honestly I’m passed the pain”. Cringing inside I just wanted it over.

I could tell instantly when they reached the right spot and the fluid began to drain away, it’s hard to explain but it felt like I was floating upwards and through the clouds, I could feel the pressure literally draining from me, it was a very nice feeling, I imagine what a good dose of Morphine would feel like. Once they had taken enough fluid off and removed the needle I had this almighty urge to start laughing and so I did, setting off the Dr, Consultant and Nurse, I’ve always been a little bit silly so just put it down to that ha!

The spinal fluid pressure came back high and they diagnosed Intercranial Hypertension, they said I would need to start medication and would be followed up by Neurology. You have to lay for an hour after a lumbar puncture so as I was laid still and flat with a hot cup of tea at the side of me (which I really wanted to drink but couldn’t reach) the Dr came back in to see me. He said “Earlier when we were doing the lumbar puncture a lot of what I said was small talk to keep you calm but I did ask you a specific question for a reason”? I replied with “Oh” trying to think what it was. He said “When I asked if you had children you told me you had a son and your partner has a son and daughter, but you also told me you had been trying for another baby”. I nodded. He said “Unfortunately the medication we give for Intercranial Hypertension is a form of diuretic and we strongly advise against pregnancy whilst taking it”. Ooh I see… Now what on earth was that noise I’ve just heard? Oh yes my heart hitting the floor.

I was given time to think if I wanted to start the medication or not and eventually decided I should to get my health back on track. They give you the first tablet there and then in the dreaded Lumbar Puncture room!

I had so many emotions going through my head, one I actually had something wrong with me which I knew nothing about? Two I’d been told I couldn’t continue trying for a baby and three I’d had to start taking tablets which I despise doing anyway and with all that I just couldn’t wait to get home to my partner and son.

Read the follow on Blog, now that explains it to find out what happened next…

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