Guardian Angel

I’m not sure if you believe in Guardian Angels or not, I’m a little on the fence if they are real great! If not the thought is nice and I’m sure it has helped people at some point to believe that they are.

This story is about someone I met when I was unwell in hospital who helped me a lot and then well vanished!!! Literally gone (not dead) but yes disappeared, poof, departed, done.

It all started when I was in hospital for about 3 days, the time when Greek Mythology was introduced to me and I endured the dreaded lumbar puncture for the second time. It was the same day the Dr had discovered I had shaky eyes which needed further investigation. I was laid in bed staring at the ceiling with my makeshift gauze eye patch over my right eye when someone appeared at the side of my bed. I sat myself up the best I could and returned the smile.

“Hello, I’m Dr…. and I’ve come to introduce myself, I just wanted to see how your getting on?” “Hi nobody said anyone was coming to see me otherwise I’d have got dressed haha”. “Don’t worry about that” she said.

She spoke to me all about the symptoms I’d been having and the recent diagnosis of Intercranial Hypertension, she lifted both arms up, both legs, asked me to push against her this way and that way, squeeze her fingers and finally the finger-to-nose test (I have a picture on my phone from a night out in 2014(ish) where I’m pointing at my nose and pulling a very strange face, could that have been a sign!). I started first with my right hand I had to touch my nose and then the palm of her hand a little distance away in front of me and had no problem back and forth, back and forth. Then was the left hands turn, I could do it but it was so un-coordinated and clumsy, missing her hand, missing my own nose and so much slower than the right hand. I remember looking at her like she had put some kind of spell on me and she was going to say only kidding try again, but she hadn’t it was such a strange feeling that I hadn’t noticed, but I suppose that’s why they are the Dr’s. I remember apologising for my slow hand and she politely carried on with her assessment. It ended with her asking me to walk, I knew this wasn’t going to go well but up I got I took two steps forward and instantly lost my balance reaching for the bed frame to support me, she quickly said “Ok, that’s enough of that, back into bed”.

That was the first time I met her, she said to me she would follow me up after I had my eye appointment and she really pushed for the MRI scan that same day but I later found out the machine was broken and I had to wait.

The next time I met her was when I was on the stroke ward having IV steroids. After getting the results of the MRI. Again she just appeared by my bedside (to be fair I wasn’t looking at the door so wouldn’t have seen her coming in but still, makes it sound more intriguing) as soon as I saw her it was strange but she just gave me a relaxed feeling and that someone really did care!

She did the whole neurological test with me again and the same thing was evident my left hand was definitely weaker than my right. I asked if she was going to make me walk and she said “No, I’m going to leave that to the experts this time” and we both laughed. She said to me that she would organise blood tests, more appointments with the eye clinic and a full body MRI scan at another Teaching hospital, she would ring me in one week to see if I’d had the scan and how I was getting on. If I had the scan in the meantime to call her and let her know. She would also refer me on to a Specialist who would look over everything and be the one to diagnose me if that’s what was needed.

In-between being back at home and having my full body scan there were 2 occasions that I wasn’t feeling well and contacted her through switchboard and her secretary to ask for advice, she was lovely and always got back to me. She rang me after a week and I explained that the symptoms I’d had were I think slowly starting to fade away. Sometime after I got my full body scan on a Sunday and so waited until the Monday to ring and let her know.

This is where it all turns a little strange……

Monday morning came and I rang the switchboard “Hi can I be put through to DR….’s secretary please”, the operator said “Dr who?” I repeated myself and she said “I’m sorry there’s no Dr here with that name”, I thought WHAT?! I said “Oh I only phoned last week and was put straight through its Dr….”, the operator said “No I’ve just checked again sorry”, “OK is there a secretary called…… “Yes”, said the operator “I’ll put you through now”.


I was still really puzzled as the call was put through and it began to ring, it ended up going to voicemail, so I left a message just to say that I’d had my scan and be grateful if she could pass that message on to the Dr for me.

For the rest of the day I kept thinking, I wonder if she didn’t hear me right or maybe she was new, who knows? Tuesday morning came and I got a phone call from the secretary she said, “Oh hi is that Deborah, great errm Dr…..won’t be able to contact you anymore, but she has looked at your scan results and dictated a letter which I will get posted over to you today. I said “Is there any reason I won’t hear from her again” and she replied with “So, I’ll get that sent out for you OK and we both wish you all the best for the future”, “Oh right yes OK thank you that’s great, bye”!!!!

I remember feeling a little sad because she had been so kind to me but also a little creeped out as to how she could just disappear?!

Nobody ever mentioned another Dr was coming to see me, she sorted everything for me, got all the balls rolling, I felt someone actually cared about me, gave me advice in between scan dates, saw it through to the final bit where everything could be looked at together and then Finito!!!!! Gone just like that.

She came into my life when I needed her the most put everything on the right track and left, with no doubt in my mind to go and help someone else.

So to her I am eternally grateful and whether she is my Guardian Angel or not I don’t know if I will ever know but I would just like to say Thank You.

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