Thanks for the blog it is really great – ms society –

You are such an amazing lady!!! The blog is brilliant xxx – Rebecca C –

Amazing writing, keep blogging – Jennifer S –

You’re awesome and a great writer – Helen F –

You are a strong lady great blog – Nicola LP –

Amazing ❤ – Lisa B –

Brilliant Blog – Jackie H –

Love it sweetie – Andrea R –

Loved reading your Blog – Anne R –

It reads really well and the humour is just so you – Jenni D –

Lovely read – Beverley C –

What a read! Your blog made me cry! – Claire CK –

Well done, these are really good – Becky M –

Loved reading it, you have a real talent, don’t give up on it – Tammy B –

Takes huge courage to do this, well done – Julie W –

Sooo amazing keep sharing I’ve been blubbering over here – Sarah R –

Fantastic, I’m lost for words very emotional reading and I’m glad your able to put your feelings down into a blog – Lindzi S –

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Your so brave, I wanted to cry hearing what you have been through this year – Clare W –

What a fantastic read – Tara J –

What a fantastic read your an amazing person & writer so emotional – Lorraine C –

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, I’m sure this will help so many people going through what your going through – Lee T –

Thanks for this blog, great to read your amazing insights – Rod K –

You are amazing to go through all this and find the strength to create a well written, funny and emotional blog as well, I’m sharing to spread the love – Beth C –

When is the next one you cant leave it like that – Clare W –

Brilliant writing – Gemma C –

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Wow, this is wonderful, emotional and funny, I had sad ears in my eyes and then you say something funny typical you – Sharon W –

Woe every emotion felt, your an inspiration looking forward to reading the next blog – Lisa B –

I think there fantastic, we knew you were strong but now everyone can know how strong – Rach S –

You are amazing – Tammy B –

I read your blog smiled and shed a tear – Lauren R –

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