Dolly Mixture Guy

So this next part in the story has been really hard for me to write and that’s why it’s taken a little longer. It’s all about my first injection of Natalizumab and how it made me feel and react, I’ve broken it down into two parts as it’s going to be a long read. So make a cuppa and get comfy. I’m going to start by setting the scene of how me and Ryan met. For those of you that don’t know us here goes….

Back in May 2017 I was at work one day on my break scrolling through Facebook as you do and I saw that Micky Flannigan (comedian) was doing a tour at a local arena! Great! I went on to look at the tickets and they had already sold out! Shame but ok never mind and I never really thought much of it. Skip forward about 2 weeks and it popped back up on Facebook again, maybe because I’d clicked on the previous link, anyhow BOOM he’d added an extra date. The 24th June 2017 excellent, there I was ten mins later two tickets bought. Who was going to go with me I didn’t know but I’d bought 2 anyway, hoping someone would.

It wasn’t long after the dreadful Manchester arena bombings had happened so I was a little cautious but thought no I’m not going to let that stop me. I asked my oldest brother if he wanted to come with me and he did! A few weeks passed we’d planned to have a few drinks before then go on to see the show. The beginning of show week he rang to say he couldn’t go anymore and was really sorry. Damn it! I’d already asked my friend Roxanne the month before and she said she couldn’t go but I thought stuff it I’ll ask her again. Bingo!! She had to juggle a few things around first but she said yes!!

Great! Some girl time, a few drinks, food and the show, we were so excited. I remember going shopping the day before and like you do I bought a new nail varnish from Superdrug for the big day out, splashing the cash. As I was in the queue there was a reduced basket next to where I was stood. In it were little bags of sweets, jelly babies, jelly beans and dolly mixture, I picked the dolly mixtures up and looked at the date. They were still in date and I love a bargain but I didn’t really like dolly mixtures so put them back. As the cashier shouted next and I went to walk forward I reached back over and grabbed a bag of the Dolly mixtures! Why I still do not know to this day but it plays a significant part in this story. The day arrived, we travelled close to the arena to where there were a few pubs and restaurants, it was lovely and sunny and we sat outside drinking bottles of Sol and nibbling chicken wings chatting and people watching. I’d been single for the most part of the last 5 years at that point and hadn’t really been bothered about finding anyone, but that day watching all the couple’s walk past me, holding hands, cuddling, kissing I was comparing myself to the women in those relationships and wondering if I should try a little harder to find someone and realised at that moment I was missing something in my life. We carried on drinking and laughing and headed over to the arena. Result!! We noticed the arena sold larger in what’s known as a super 2 Pinter! We got one each, mine with added blackcurrant and headed over to our seats.

The first half of the show was great, we were in hysterics but desperately needed a pee, the contents of the super 2 Pinter was now in my super-sized bladder. We raced to the loo then got in the queue for another drink (Obviously). The queue was huge and boring so I knew something that would pass the time… The Dolly Mixtures! I opened up the bag offered my friend one and we picked out all the nice ones as we moved down the queue, I don’t remember what we were doing with them but we were laughing a lot. I noticed that the man stood behind us was also laughing along with us (or at us) I’m not quite sure, I don’t know why but something made me offer him one as well!! All the good ones had gone but he politely took one anyway. Things escalated quickly and I found myself asking him if he thought one of the brown ones with the white middle would fit in his ear? He suddenly started to look uneasy with a hint of excitement. Who else can say they have ever been offered this experience? Again he agreed politely. There I was, stood in a queue at an arena surrounded by 1000s of people putting a dolly mixture in a stranger’s ear! For those of you that want to know it was a perfect fit. I took it out wiped it on his shirt and popped it back in the bag and told him to save them for later when he felt peckish. We chatted away as the queue went down then after we were served we made our way back to the seats giggling all the way.

The second half was just as much fun as the first and when it came to an end we dashed even quicker than the first time to the loo, I’m not sure how it’s possible but I’m pretty sure there was a lot more than 2 pints waiting to come out. The queue was huge and what we did was very bad, I don’t condone it, we couldn’t wait so entered the toilet via the exit door and went straight into an empty cubicle on the end. We made a swift exit like criminals and as we were walking to the main doors Roxanne said “there’s that guy again!” I said what guy? She said that dolly mixture guy and when I looked up towards the door he was stood there, his hands in his pockets looking like he was waiting for someone. We skipped, half jumped and ran over to him shouting “Hey!!! Remember us” he seemed happy to see us (or was he just being polite again?) and we all stood outside together chatting until he had to leave for his taxi. I remember him asking if we wanted to be friends on Facebook and he popped his name into my phone and then accepted the friend request on his. I was shocked he’d accepted his own request, I would have liked to have stalked his profile and pictures first before making friends but never mind, cant win them all. Somehow we all ended up having a picture together (me looking a little worse for wear) and then we departed. Me and Roxanne waited absolutely ages for our taxi home but once in it I sent the first message ‘Hey dolly mixture guy’ and the reply was “Hey dolly dealer”. Well that was a done deal for me, that Dolly Mixture guy turned out to be Ryan, 3 and a half years later we live together and are now engaged. He proposed by taking me back to the arena and got down on one knee on the very same spot where we’d first met. Romance at its finest. I said yes of course.

As I’ve written previously all about how Ryan looked after me when I was first unwell I won’t go over that but he was there for me when I needed him the most. The day came for my first Injection, read the next part to this blog called ‘I’m Sorry’.

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