About Me

Hi everyone, my name isn’t Mary but I am still Poppin’ šŸ™‚

Thank you for visiting my page, I decided to start this website and blog because to be honest the year 2020 was seriously starting to get boring and I needed something to do. I tried to think about anything exciting I could write about but quickly ran out of ideas and in the end decided to do some crafting for a few weeks instead.

Then ping!! I know what… I can talk about the horrendous last 6 months I’ve lived through, because who doesn’t like to read about someone else’s miserable life events? I know I do especially now that Jeremy Kyle is no longer on the TV to make us feel better about ourselves.

So here it is and to make it a little less depressing I’ve tried to add in a little humour, which I find is always in any situation that you are in, whether you realise it at the time or not, it’s always funny to re-live those moments when the times right šŸ™‚